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myDema is able to supply ALL sorts of the packing materials which you are likely to need. The materials are available for you at reasonable prices. We have a large supply of export cartons which are over 50% thicker and stronger than most of our competitors’. We also stock bubble wrap, shrink-wrap, strapping, protective blankets, pallets and other specialist materials e.g. hanging wardrobe boxes for your safety, security and unconditional convenience.

p material1 All Inclusive Kit I
P material2 All Inclusive Kit II
P material3 Bike Box These cartons are not sold individually to clients to pack their own televisions or bicycles. They are only used for myDema deliveries.
P material 4 Tv Box
P material 5 Bubble Wrap
P material 6 Tape

P materia l7

Polystyrene Filling

myDema StandardBasic

standard&basicSend your parcel  between Greece and UK from any city to any city.
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myDema + 

plusThe ideal service for multiparcel shipments. Simple as 1 - 2 - 3.
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