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Our award winning parcels delivery service means that you can now receive your favourite ebay/Amazon items that you have just bought online to your home at any city in Greece.
Just make sure that each individual parcel’s dimensions do not exceed 50cm X 50cm X 50cm (length – width – height) as well as each parcel does not weight more than 26 kgrs. Those restrictions are to ensure compliance with Health & Safety and Transport regulations.

If your parcels weight more or are bigger than that, do not worry. Just contact us explaining the situation and we will arrange for a special delivery.

Just follow the steps mentioned below to place your order :

Provide the myDema Address* to the EBay / Amazon seller and complete as usual your EBay / Amazon order
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Go to the myDema Order Now section and choose the myDema Eshop services
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Choose origin and destination country (UK to Greece or Greece to UK).
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Enter your delivery address
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Enter weight and dimensions of your parcel
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Select any extras of your preference
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Review and place your order
(pay with PayPal or contact myDema to arrange an alternative means of payment)

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Sit comfortably and we will get your parcel delivered 
*c/o myDema
Flat 4, Crastock Court
7-9 Queen’s Gardens
W2 3BG
London, UK





Do you live in any Greek city (except for Athens) and you want to achieve even lower prices? You can now collect your parcels from one of our local partners in your city in Greece. This will provide you with a substantial discount.

At the Order Now page, after choosing origin and destination country (UK to Greece or Greece to UK), choose "Collection From myDema Point", select your State (e.g. Thessaloniki) and you will get the address of our local partner where you need to collect your parcel. Place your order now!


Check the delivery restrictions

light bulb_ON_TTip
: we encourage you to make bulk orders to your ebay/Amazon seller in order to decrease the per item transport cost. Alternatively, arrange with a friend of yours to have your parcels delivered together, decreasing your overall costs! We don’t charge two parcels. Avoid unnecessary costs. ACT SMART NOW!


myDema StandardBasic

standard&basicSend your parcel  between Greece and UK from any city to any city.
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myDema + 

plusThe ideal service for multiparcel shipments. Simple as 1 - 2 - 3.
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