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Do you miss nice stuff from your mum? Or, do you want to send back some old books that just take up space in our not so spacious UK houses?
Simply use our award winning instant parcel delivery order system and we will offer you the best price and service.


We primarily offer two services:

  • myDema Standard: this is the award-winning myDema service:
    • 1 parcel
    • 50x50x50 (in cm, LxWxH)
    • 26 Kgrs or less
  • myDema Basic: is a similar to myDema Standard service but using more flexible parcel dimensions:
    • 1 parcel with any dimensions (fitting to our volumetric formula)
    • 26 Kgrs or less
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Contrary to competition, we have the capacity to deliver olive oil, honey, chocolate or anything that you miss! Just send it myDema! 

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myDema StandardBasic

standard&basicSend your parcel  between Greece and UK from any city to any city.
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myDema + 

plusThe ideal service for multiparcel shipments. Simple as 1 - 2 - 3.
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