1. How do I get a Quote?

myDema does not give quotes per se since we focus on the individual who wishes to get high value service at low cost.
You can alternatively select your preferred service through our online ordering system and see what the cost will be for the entire service. Print the form, and you can use it for your personal purposes.

2. How do I place an order?

It is as easy as 1-2-3.

You can also place an order via phone. Please contact us. Do I have to book online? Can I place my booking over the telephone? You definitely save time by booking online, but in case you would like to place an order via phone or you just want to hear our voice, we are here to help! Please contact us and we will arrange the details for you.

3. How can I Pay?

You can pay by PayPal (automatically prior to confirming the order) or by bank transfer (we send you the account details and you make the transfer). In limited occasions, we can offer the possibility to pay in cash on the collection date (this service is only offered for pickups in Athens, Greece).

4. Do you have a Prohibited items list?

Yes, we need and want to comply with the regulations. Please check the relevant list.

5. Can I send a Suitcase?

Yes you can, but due to its variable dimensions, please contact us in order to arrange delivery. However, we recommend you not to send suitcases. Why? The suitcase has lower capacity to protect your items contrary to our parcels and has lower storage factor than boxes. Why paying more, when you can save?

6. Can I send Documents or Books?

Yes, you can. Please ensure that the carton box is appropriate to withstand such a delivery.

7. Can I specify a morning or afternoon collection?

When collection or delivery takes place in Athens, Greece, then we will do our best to arrange the best time for you. However, for all other cities in Greece or UK this cannot be the case. Your parcel will be collected between normal working hours (Monday to Friday).

8. Can I request a weekend collection / delivery?

You can choose a weekend delivery / collection service in Athens by selecting the appropriate myDema Extras when placing the order. For all other cities in Greece or UK deliveries can take place on Saturdays at an additional cost. Please select the extras (additional services) or contact us to arrange such an additional service.

9. What if I am not at home during the pre-agreed collection date?

It is always best to arrange for someone to be at the collection address ready to hand the parcel over to the driver.

However, if you need to go out and leave your parcel “behind bins”, you can simply leave a note on the door for the driver. myDema reminds you that this takes place at your own risk and is at the driver’s discretion to collect or to refuse or to open the package to check the contents. Additionally, if a signature is not taken there is nothing proving that the parcel was ever collected should it become lost/damaged in transit & you have to make a claim for it.
If it is not convenient for you to be in all day then we suggest that you arrange an alternative collection address, such as your workplace.

10. Will a package be delivered in a UK address if there is nobody at the address?

If there is nobody to receive the item the driver will leave a card. You can contact the depot on the card using the number provided. Further delivery attempts will be made and then the package will be held for around 3-4 working days before it is returned to the sender – additional charges will apply should your package need to be returned to the sender.

11. What details should I write on the parcel?

You will place a label on the parcel that will be provided to you. Additionally, you should clearly write on the parcel the collection and destination address and contact numbers/names.

12. Can I drop my parcel at a myDema collection point in Greece?

Yes you can. In fact you are encouraged to do so in case you live in Greece in any city other than Athens. By doing so, you can save a substantial amount of money. myDema has a dense network in Greece. In every major city throughout Greece, there is a myDema transport depot.You need to go to the local depot and request a delivery of your parcel to their depot in Athens.

You can also contact us and we will provide the contact details of the local myDema Collection points. You will then notify us about the delivery date/time to Athens. We will arrange the collection from the depot in Athens and the further dispatch to the UK. The same applies in case you want to collect your parcel from a myDema Collection point. For instance, the price will be substantially lower for delivering your parcel from London to Ioannina in case you can collect it at the myDema Collection point at Ioannina, instead of having that delivered at your address.

Other options are available upon request.

13. I do not know yet the exact size or weight of my package.

You need to know this information to use the myDema services . In case you are still not sure, please bear in mind the weight restrictions and dimensions restrictions and add an “optimistic” forecast! If details are wrong, unfortunately you may be charged extra delivery / collection costs plus an administration fee.

14. What happens if my parcel weighs more or is bigger than I stated?

If your parcel exceeds the weight restrictions and dimensions restrictions, it will incur extra costs or it can even be completely rejected due to the automated processes in place. Your item may be subject to delays, returned to you, and surcharges may be applied.

15. What if I have entered the wrong address or need to change my booking

Please contact usthe soonest possible, since changes may incur an administration fee.

16. Does my item need to be boxed?

Yes, the parcel should be suitably protected in a carton box. Packing in metal boxes, cylindrical boxes, bin liners and other types of plastic bags is not appropriate and might prove more expensive.

17. Can I strap two parcels together?

Never strap your parcels together. If you do choose to strap your parcels together, additional charges will apply and in case of loss no insurance coverage applies.

18. What happens if my booking is grossly inaccurate or misleading?

If more parcels are sent than are booked, or if the parcels are larger or heavier than disclosed on the booking form, then surcharges and penalties will be passed on and invoiced to you. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information that you provide on the booking is accurate. Do not forget that you can contact us to help you with the orders or any concerns that you may have. All surcharges are paid prior to any delivery attempt made.

19. What cover does my parcel have and can I increase this?

All services come with an inclusive liability cover of £40.00. Additional cover may be purchased as an extra. Please contact us for more details.

20. Do I need to wrap and box my item?

Yes, it is very important that all items are well packaged so that they are protected during transit with our carriers. All items must be professionally packaged in a double walled box with sufficient packaging to protect the contents. Your parcel will be handled many times both by hand, and also by automatic machinery as it travels from depot to depot. The item must be cushioned, protected with suitable outer packaging and the corners protected.

If the item is not correctly packaged the driver may refuse to collect and if the contents are not protected adequately any claim will be invalidated if damage occurs in transit.

21. How can I amend my booking?

Please contact us immediately, since additional charges may occur if collection/delivery has been arranged.

22. How do I report a loss or a damage with the shipment?

Please contact us immediately and provide an accurate description of the goods and their packaging. Additionally, you need to provide details of the damage sustained to the shipment, a reference number, pictures of the damaged goods as well as the item itself without removing from the original packaging as our agents may inspect it.

23. Can I send heavy or big parcels?

Yes, you definitely can; however, this cannot be done via the myDema online booking system. Given the special arrangements that are needed in this case, please contact us and will provide you with the best service and price. Additionally, odd-sized shipments (e.g. many parcels whose weight is very small) may be subject to discounts.

24. Can I send my car?

Yes you can! myDema has a dedicated Car Transport Service that can much your time and cost criteria. Order Now or contact us, and our representative will be right back with more details about our offerings.

25. Why are you so cheap?

It is very simple! We keep our overheads down and we have a fully booked service. That’s our way of reducing our costs and surviving the market.
Our business logic is much more complicated though. We have developed a much more complicated transportation system that automates almost all relevant processes. Furthermore, our transportation approach is much more efficient than our competitors. myDema has reduced transportation and logistics inefficiencies and those cost savings are passed to you offering even lower prices.

26. Do you deliver / collect items from eBay? Are you cheap?

If you've bought anything from eBay, then it'd be difficult to find any courier company that offers as cheap prices as myDema. It's incredibly quick to arrange a collection through our dedicated myDema EShop Service. The process would take no more than 5’ and we are the cheapest around!

27. Do you have any more Packing Advice?

Well, myDema is here to help!

Please use proper cushioning material, combined with a strong outer container, to protect your shipment fully. Make sure you use enough cushioning material to ensure that the contents do not move when you shake the container. Improper cushioning material includes clothing, blankets, towels, newspaper/newsprint, and pillows.
Instead, please use the materials listed below to cushion and protect your shipment:
Air-encapsulated plastic
(small and large cell bubble sheeting)
• Designed to protect and cushion lightweight items. Used in multiple wraps and layers to ensure that the item is completely protected, especially on corners and edges
Inflatable packaging (air bags)• Used primarily as void-fill materials for lightweight items
• Not recommended for items with sharp corners or edges
• Extreme hot or cold temperatures may affect the ability of air bags to provide adequate product protection.
Expanded polystyrene "peanuts" (loose fill)• Used primarily as void-fill material for lightweight items .
• Overfill the box with loose fill, gently close the flaps, and seal securely .
• Do not use with flat or narrow products that may move to the edge or bottom of the carton in transit .
• Due to the shifting and settling properties of peanuts, it is recommended that a minimum of two inches (5.08 cm) of cushioning be used around the contents .
• It is recommended that flat pieces of corrugated fiberboard be used between contents and peanuts to help prevent migration through the peanuts
• Peanuts cause static electricity and may damage electronic items. Anti-static peanuts should be used for electronic items. Use plastic bags, bubble sheeting, or other items to wrap the item so peanuts will not work themselves into areas that may cause harm to your merchandise.
Engineered foam enclosures• Materials may include expanded polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene or copolymers .
• Enclosures should be pre-engineered for specific products
Foam-in-place/Foam-in-bag• A foam, sprayed into the box or mixed in packets, that expands and forms a protective mold around contents .
• Must be properly used, with even foam distribution around the contents .
• Because this material is offered in varying densities, it is important to select the most appropriate foam to meet the requirements of the product.
Corrugated liners and inserts• May be added to the package to increase strength and improve package performance
Crumpled kraft paper• Used primarily as a void-fill material for light-to-medium weight, non-fragile items and items that are suitable for such packing materials .
• Must be tightly crumpled .
• Place at least two inches (5.08 cm) of paper between contents and outer box.

Note : Fragile objects such as electronics, glass, ceramics, and artwork, require special packaging for safe shipment. Packages containing these and similar items may require added cushioning or a double (over) box.